Science is full of examples of organisms that are able to use a genetic toolkit that’s often very different from the one that was in place when they were first born.

One example is a bacterium that has an amazing ability to create a specialized cell line, but when you try to create the cells in the same way, it doesn’t work.

Another is a plant that can make a variety of food-stuffs, but if you try making that in the exact same way as before, it never works.

A new paper from MIT professor of biology Mark Noyes and his colleagues is the first to describe a gene that could have such an ability, and the team has already found a way to make it work.

The idea is that an organism has a single gene that makes proteins that act as switches between the proteins that the organism needs to survive.

This gene can be modified by adding other genes that allow the protein to function as a switch, or by adding the protein itself to the gene pool, or even by adding extra copies of the gene to the genome of the organism.

When the organisms have access to these extra genes, they can then make more and more of these switches, allowing them to change the way proteins are made.

This process, known as “gene duplication,” is called “genetic drift.”

The new study, which was published in the journal Nature Communications, shows that the gene duplication is able to produce genes that can help to produce a wide variety of other proteins.

The researchers discovered that they could do this by inserting an extra gene that is only present in the mitochondria of these organisms.

Mitochondria are small, organelles that store energy for the cell.

In addition to storing energy, mitochondria also perform some of the other functions that the body does, such as energy production and cell division.

When an organism needs energy, it uses a protein called ATP to transport it across the cell membrane.

This is a process called ATP transfer, and when the ATP is lost or replaced, the organism doesn’t need to use ATP for anything else.

In addition to making proteins for energy, the mitochondrian proteins also function to make proteins that can be incorporated into cell membranes.

This can be done by attaching proteins to the cell’s membrane.

The problem with mitochondria is that the proteins they make cannot be incorporated in the membranes of other cells, such that it’s not possible for them to be used to transport energy.

The mitochondrian protein can therefore only be used as a way of making proteins that do not contain ATP, such an alternative protein, called an ATPase, that is the other way around.

To make an ATP-containing protein, the researchers first had to remove the mitochondrion protein, which can be found in mitochondria, and then insert a gene to make the mitochondrial ATPase.

This then allowed them to create new proteins that were able to combine with the mitochondrin protein to make ATP.

This allowed the researchers to make more ATP-forming proteins and even make them with more and better ATPase activity.

The result was that the organisms had a wide range of ATP-related proteins, including proteins that could be used for energy production.

These proteins are very specific to the organism they were made in.

One of the most common proteins that this group of bacteria had, for example, was a protein that is called the mitochondrial membrane protein.

This membrane protein, and other proteins, are what are called “gated” proteins.

The function of the membrane protein is to allow the ATP to be transferred across the membrane of the cell, which in turn allows the cell to use energy.

This allows the organisms to be very efficient at making ATP.

As a result, the mitochondrial proteins are extremely useful to the organisms because they allow them to carry out many of the cellular processes that they need to survive in the environment.

One of the many ways that these proteins are used in the body is for energy.

One way that they are used is in the production of proteins that are used as energy.

Mitrosomal membrane proteins are also used to produce proteins that help to make new proteins.

One example of this is the production and transfer of energy-producing enzymes, which are produced by mitochondria.

The enzymes that these enzymes are produced with are called ATPases.

This enzyme is called an “energy transfer enzyme,” because it helps to transfer the energy that is being generated.

One study that was done on this group also found that mitochondria can produce ATPases that help them to use their own energy in order to generate more ATP for themselves.

In the study, the MIT team found that when the researchers used a bacteriophage to carry the genes for these enzymes, they made them in the presence of the mitochondrial DNA, which is very similar to the DNA of the mitochondrium that they were carrying out the experiments on.

This indicates that the bacteriophile bacteria could use the

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