A taxonomy is a collection of different terms, words and terms of art used to describe a biological process or phenomenon.

We use them to describe biological processes or phenomena, but they also describe the processes themselves.

They are used to help us understand a biological phenomenon.

For example, they might be used to explain how a disease affects a particular species, or how a certain strain of bacteria infects a particular host.

In the case of a taxonomy, we have a collection or a set of terms that describes a biological function, a process, a trait or a way of life.

The term “taxonomy” is a synonym for “species”.

But taxonomists and biologists have been using the term “species” to describe their work since the mid-1800s.

There are currently over 100 taxonomies, some of which are based on natural or archaeological records.

The first taxonomy was coined by the English naturalist Thomas Carlyle in 1745.

He used the term to describe the relationship between the different species of plants and animals, which he called the “biological family”.

Since then, there have been more than 100 different taxonomic categories, which include plant and animal kingdoms, genera and species.

Taxonomy is the study of the relationships between organisms and their surroundings.

A taxonomic term is often used to refer to an entity or an organism, but the word “species”, which is a combination of the Greek words species and genus, is used to mean “all living things.”

The word “taxonomic” was first used in 1797 by English botanist Samuel Francis and his colleague, Sir Thomas Browne, who were examining the effects of the plague on plants.

They wrote, “The name ‘taxonomic’ is used by botanists to designate those living things which can be called ‘taxonomists’.” The word taxonomy can also refer to a person or a group of people, but this is more rarely the case.

We should never confuse a term with a specific species.

Some of the more popular terms for “biology” are “biology,” “biology-related” and “biology.”

The term, “biolog,” is used for the branch of biology which deals with the living world, such as plants and insects.

The word zoology, which was originally used by British naturalist William Wilson to describe biology and zoology research, was used by the British zoologist George Smith in the mid 1930s.

Smith used the word zoological to refer specifically to the field of zoology.

The last of the term, zoology-related, came into use in the 1970s by American naturalist Richard O’Brien, who is now a professor at the University of Michigan.

“Zoology” was the first to be coined in the early 1900s.

It has since been used to designate an entire field of natural science and applied sciences.

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