When it comes to the scientific definition of “biology”, the answer is simple.

If you’re not familiar with the term, it refers to the science of living organisms, such as animals, plants and even humans.

But this is only one of the many terms that can be used to define a biological process.

For example, there are many different types of organisms that are considered to be biological: viruses, bacteria and fungi.

And there are a number of different types that are called “genetic organisms” that can also be considered “living”.

In a sense, there is no universal definition of what constitutes “biology”.

However, if you’re looking to understand what constitutes a biological system, then the “biological” term may be more appropriate.

It may be helpful to know a little about the terms that we use to define biological processes.

“Genetic” and “living” The term “genetics” refers to what is referred to as the “life-cycle” of a biological organism.

For instance, if we were to describe the life cycle of a virus, we might use the term “life cycle”.

A virus can live indefinitely.

When it first comes into existence, it has no cells and therefore no cells have an identity.

As the virus spreads, its DNA is copied, so it can be passed down through generations of different viruses and can eventually become an entirely new species.

For most viruses, the life-cycle of a particular virus is referred as the cycle of infection, and the cycle can be thought of as the sequence of events that take place in the virus.

For a bacterium, the cycle is referred, not as a cycle of growth and reproduction, but as a process called “growth”.

This process is usually divided into stages called “phases”.

During these stages, the bacterium reproduces itself.

The stages of the life cycles can be broken down into three types: the growth phase, the reproduction phase and the decay phase.

A bacterium that is undergoing this process is referred by its name, the “sporadic growth”.

The growth phase is the most complex of the three phases, as it involves many complex interactions between cells and viruses.

The reproduction phase is similar to the growth stage, but involves much more interaction between cells.

The decay phase involves little to no interaction between the virus and the host, so the virus itself is not involved in the process.

In this phase, cells can die off, or even replicate.

However, this does not mean that the viral species has died out, because the virus has the ability to persist for a long time.

The life cycle is also referred to by its terms: the gene, the protein, and then the enzyme.

A gene is a protein that is expressed in the cell.

For the most part, the DNA of the cell has a certain number of copies of the gene.

A protein, on the other hand, is a compound that has the potential to be used as a chemical energy source.

For viruses, there might be three types of proteins, namely, a ribonucleic acid (RNA), a protein-coding RNA, and a protein called a transcription factor.

There are also several other proteins that may also be called “coding RNAs”.

The process that produces the protein-containing RNA or protein-cytosine is called RNA polymerase, and is carried out in the lab.

A transcription factor is a type of protein that has been turned into a chemical that can encode information.

The transcription factor can be a transcription molecule, such a transcription-factor-1 or transcription-and-translation-factor, or it can also function as a transcription promoter.

This transcription factor, which is called a “transcription factor-like” transcription factor or “TIF-like”, has a very specific DNA sequence that determines its activity.

As a result, when a gene is expressed, it can carry out a specific sequence of DNA instructions that are then passed on to the next generation of bacteria.

The process of creating a bacteria and carrying out the production of the bacteria’s DNA can be referred to in terms of two types of reactions.

The first is a “cell death reaction”.

This is the process by which a bacterial cell is killed off, which involves the release of a toxin, which causes the cell to die.

This is referred simply as the death of the cells, but it is a very common process in the life of any organism.

This death, and thus the release and subsequent re-establishment of the bacteria, is called the “cell cycle”.

The second type of reaction is the “biofilm” reaction.

This involves the formation of a biofilm, which, in this case, is an outer layer of cells that contains the DNA and proteins of the organisms that live inside.

A biofilm is a protective layer that surrounds the organism.

When a cell is in this biofilm it is protected from viruses and

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