Cell biologists are saying evolution is actually real and that we shouldn’t be afraid to call it that.

Dr. Peter Reuter, a cell biologist at the University of Washington, said it’s the real thing.

“We are witnessing evolution, the emergence of life forms,” Reuter told TheBlaze.

“Evolution is the key to understanding the diversity and diversity of life, and it’s what is keeping us alive in the face of all the threats of our time.

We should be more aware of what we’re saying and how we’re doing it.”

Dr. Mark O’Brien, a biochemist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said he’s not worried about the reality of evolution.

“I do not worry about the scientific claims made about evolution,” O’Briens said.

“I’m not concerned that evolution is true, or that it has any purpose beyond being the product of the brain.

Evolution is an extremely real, very important question.”

In an interview with TheBlazers, Dr. Brian Cline, a professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology, said we are actually seeing a shift in the field of biochemistry.

Cline explained that a few years ago, when he started working with biology, it was a field that seemed to be pretty closed off from the rest of the world.

He said then that his goal was to get the best chemistry, the best genetics, and the best bioinformatics out there.

“Now, with a new field like biology, that’s changing,” he said.

Cline said that in recent years, scientists have been discovering that the genetic code that makes up our cells is actually a pretty complex and fascinating thing that has a lot of room for improvement.

“But it’s not that we’re not interested in evolution,” Cline said.

“You can see the evolution that we see with viruses, which are more advanced than us, and how they’re using DNA, and they’re evolving proteins and they are using a lot more complicated systems to make new proteins.”

Cline added that there are plenty of ways to think about evolution in terms of how life got started.

For example, we have the idea of the ‘tree of life,’ and then we have this idea that life arose from a single ancestor, and then it has continued to evolve from there.

“And then we can also say that evolution itself has its own history, that there’s a history of different evolutionary events.”

He added that the question is, where do you start?

“There are two ways you can start thinking about it,” he explained.

“One is that the tree of life is a story, but the other is that evolution was an inevitable part of nature.

That’s not going to happen.”

Cline said that evolution may not be the only thing going on in biology, but that it is an important part of it.

“The problem is, if you don’t start to think in terms as a tree of biology, if we don’t think of evolution as a story and the story is that we are all living creatures, that is not a story that you want to tell,” he added.

“If you’re trying to make a story out of evolution, it’s going to be difficult.”

Dr Reuter agrees that the story of evolution may be a bit misleading.

“What you need to do is take the evolution story and make it a story of what happened in the past,” he told Theblaze.

“[There are] no fossil records that support that.

That is a very misleading story.”

In addition, evolution is a highly contested issue.

It is a controversial subject that is a source of much controversy, and a lot is being written about it, and people have written articles about it.

“It’s an extremely contentious subject.

If you have a debate, and you can’t even find the right evidence to support your position, you should stop.”

Dr Cline also said that people tend to focus on the number of species that have evolved, but not on the diversity of species in the whole world.

“So the numbers don’t matter,” he continued.

“What’s important is how the diversity in the world has changed over time.

The number of different species that evolved is a little less important, but there’s more diversity.

The diversity of the earth is just as important as the number.”

Dr O’Reilly agreed that there is a lot going on out there in biology.

“There’s an enormous amount of biodiversity out there,” he noted.

“The question is: What does it mean for our future, and what is the best way to do it?”

TheBlaze asked Dr. Reuter what the most important things he would say to those interested in learning more about evolution.

“You have to take the science and you have to put it in a way that is meaningful and exciting and that you can actually understand,” he responded.

“Because that’s the only way that we’ll

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