The world’s most potent strain of coronavirus is on the rise, with more than 2,600 cases in the U.S. alone and over 2,000 deaths, according to the World Health Organization.

But scientists are still trying to figure out how the pandemic began, and they’re also trying to better understand how it’s spreading.

Here are five questions and answers to help you better understand the outbreak.


How did we get here?

What caused COVID to leapfrog human evolution?

COVIDs genetic make-up was different from other viruses, which evolved from viruses that didn’t have any genes.

Humans had evolved to live in a harsh environment where viruses were a challenge.

When viruses evolved, they became a threat.

That means COVID had to be different.

“We were able to make a lot of progress in the past century because we have a lot better tools than the virus that we have today,” said Dr. Robert F. Kennedy, the WHO’s chief infectious diseases expert.

But the viruses have evolved since then, and COVID still has the same genetic make up.

So, it’s not that different.

But it does have some genes that are very similar to the ones that we had a long time ago.

The problem with the viruses is they don’t have a whole lot of genes to make the genes that we do.

So you have to make some changes in your DNA to get rid of the genes.

The most common change is to change the gene you inherited from your mother or father.

This means you have two versions of a gene that are different from each other.

For example, in the case of COVA-19, the gene that makes the proteins that cause COVID are different than the gene the virus makes.

Another common change in the genes is to rearrange the genes so they’re not the same.

This makes it harder for a virus to replicate and infect.

This is why people are so sick.

In humans, the genetic make ups of viruses are often different than in other animals, so people are often sicker than other animals.

But they can still transmit the virus and die from it.

So we’re seeing a lot more cases of COVI in humans.

This suggests that the viruses are getting better, but we’re still seeing a rise in cases.

It’s also not clear how long the pandemics spread.

We don’t know how long it will take for the virus to become more contagious.

That’s a big question because the virus has been evolving for quite a while.

For years, we’ve been hearing that COVID was becoming more and more virulent, but it wasn’t until the last two years that we started seeing cases.

The first COVID cases were reported in June of 2018.

Since then, the virus is spreading rapidly.

It hasn’t been as severe in the United States as it was in Europe, but the virus in the Caribbean has been increasing dramatically.


What are the symptoms?

COVI is characterized by fever, cough, chills, shortness of breath, fatigue and muscle aches.

It can cause a fever, sore throat, cough and shortness to breath.

People are more likely to get symptoms if they’re in a crowded environment, are older or if they have other medical conditions.

The virus can also cause a severe immune reaction called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which means your muscles and heart feel like they’re about to burst.

People with ARDS are usually hospitalized, but they can recover.


How does the pandebol virus spread?

Most people who contract COVID don’t get sick.

However, some people with the virus are more at risk for developing pneumonia, other respiratory problems, and even death.

In addition, COVID has been linked to other infections in the US, Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

The U.K. is seeing the most cases, with 2,066 reported cases.

In the U, Europe and South America, cases have been increasing since late 2018.

In Japan, the number of cases has doubled in the first six months of 2019.

In Canada, the numbers are up by about 2,400 cases each month, which is the most in five years.

In China, more than 100 people have died from COVID.

It has been estimated that COVA has killed at least 100,000 people.

The coronaviruses can’t live on their own, so they have to pass through people.

This usually happens when someone has a cold or flu.

People who contract the coronaviral virus don’t feel sick, so it’s easier to catch the virus if you’re exposed to a sick person.

But if you get the virus while traveling, it can spread from person to person.

In a typical case, people with COVID contract the virus at a hotel or in a vehicle, and then someone comes in contact with

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