Biology is an interesting subject, but the definition is a bit ambiguous.

What is it exactly?

And what does it mean for someone to be a ‘biologist’?

If you’ve never heard of biology, you’re not alone.

And for some, the question is too complex.

We’ve broken down the definition of biology into key areas: How it relates to biology, its importance to our understanding of life on Earth and elsewhere, and how it relates in our everyday lives.

But first, let’s define what a biology is.

The Biology of a Topic article Biology can be divided into a number of different categories, but in general, it’s about the structure and processes that produce and regulate living organisms.

Some of these are more important than others, and this is where we get into a bit of a mystery.

What does a biology look like?

A biology, or ‘biological system’, is the body of cells, organisms and life forms that make up an organism.

Some organisms have more cells than others.

Cells, cells and more cells.


The simplest way to think of it is that each cell contains one or more living things.

For example, the cells of a human contain an organism called a nucleus, which contains the genetic material that underlies all the cell’s activities.

The cells of an animal contain an animal called an organelle, which can be used to generate energy for the organism.

All living things have a genome, which is the set of genetic instructions that make all their parts work together to create a living thing.

And that’s why living things are living things, and all living things share the same DNA.

So a cell contains a genetic blueprint for its organelle and can then be used by its own cells to generate its own energy.

Each cell also has an RNA (RNA is short for ‘signature’) that is the chemical messenger that carries information from its DNA to its organelles, and it’s also called the ‘signaling molecule’.

A protein called a transcription factor is another important component of a cell, acting as a transcription regulator that controls the activity of genes within the cell.

It also carries instructions that translate the RNA instructions into proteins that can be translated into RNA.

A cell can also contain a ‘signal transducer’ that converts one form of DNA into another.

This is where the cells’ RNA and RNA instructions get translated into proteins and the protein-protein interactions can lead to the formation of new proteins and to the expression of new genes.

These are the basic building blocks of living things and it is these fundamental building blocks that give rise to life.

The key thing to note is that there are different ways to look at the structure of a biological system.

For some biologists, there is a single basic unit called the nucleus.

For others, there are multiple different units, and for others, the whole system can be seen as a network of small units.

For biologists, cells are divided into three basic types: germ cells, germ-free and non-germ cells.

Each of these can be either male or female.

In each case, there’s a nucleus (the first step in the structure), a cytoplasm (the second step in this structure), and a cytochrome (the third step in that structure).

The nucleus is the smallest of the three basic units.

It is surrounded by an outer membrane (called the cytoskeleton), which is made up of many interconnected, self-assembling, cell-like structures called cytoplyses.

Cells contain a lot of DNA, but not all of it can be read or copied into proteins, or even to RNA.

For a variety of reasons, this is what is called the genetic code.

When you look at a cell and ask, ‘What do I see?’, you’ll probably see the DNA and the RNA and a few other things that are called proteins.

But how do we make proteins?

A protein is an RNA-protein complex that consists of one or two amino acids and is a building block of a protein.

The two most important types of proteins are ribosomes (the building blocks) and covalently attached (or adhered) polypeptides (the chains).

A protein can be made from just about any type of molecule.

However, proteins can be classified into three different classes: structural proteins, non-structural proteins, and transcription factors.

Structural proteins are the building blocks and the structural proteins are called the building materials that make cells live.

Non-structual proteins are used for other things, like the synthesis of sugars and proteins, such as enzymes, that do other things in the body, such the manufacture of hormones and hormones-related proteins, drugs and enzymes that help cells produce proteins, etc. And transcription factors are the ‘messengers’ that drive cellular processes and ‘programs’ in the cells.

For an overview of how proteins and transcription factor-related molecules are made, check out the Biology of Food and Drink

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