This year, the science of botany has taken centre stage in the annual Academy Awards.

The ceremony will be held in London in 2019 and is being hosted by Science, Entertainment and Arts Minister Caroline Spelman.

I attended the ceremony on Sunday and I found myself being asked several times, ‘What is your favourite topic?’.

There were a few of them and I was left with an overwhelming feeling of pride.

‘What does it mean to be a scientist?’

I wondered.

‘The answer is quite simple,’ Spelman replied.

‘It means being part of something that has a profound impact on our lives.’

For those of us in the arts world, the Academy Awards are an annual celebration of the best and most prestigious science, technology, engineering and mathematics awards.

But for many people the ceremony has become a sort of festival where, as a student or researcher, you take part in the very same things that are being honoured.

In the last few years, this festival has expanded from the Oscars to include the Juno Awards, which are awarded to the best science-related research in the UK.

This year’s Juno Awards will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday, April 14.

The Juno Awards are a science-based award that awards the most outstanding science-focused achievement of the year.

So, when I asked Spelman what her favourite science topic was, I was quite surprised.

‘I would say that it is the understanding of life, the diversity of life in our planet,’ she said.

‘We know that there are life forms on our planet that are not homo sapiens but that is only the beginning of the diversity and the richness that is here on our Earth.’

There are many things in science that we cannot see, such as the complexity of the universe, the way it was, the size of galaxies and the amount of life on our home planet.

But, as Spelman told me, we also can see things that we can’t see.

‘And that is the diversity we have on our earth,’ she continued.

‘That is the variety of life.

That is the complexity and the diversity that we see in our Earth.

‘So, for me, that is what science is about.

That’s what science means to me.

‘Science is about looking at life and we have to look at life with a lot of empathy.

But we have also to look with compassion, because we have all been here before and we are all going to be here in the future.’

‘When you see it in nature you know what it is that is going on, that you are trying to understand.

But when you look at nature, you see the complexity, the breadth and the depth of life and that is very powerful.

‘There is a deep, powerful emotion that we all feel when we see nature and that’s that you know it’s alive and you are not alone.’

What is your favorite science topic?

Science is a science that is based on the study of life forms in nature, as opposed to the study or the understanding how they behave, and the importance of those life forms to us.

‘If you look into the brain, there is a whole family of things that exist in the brain that are very different from the brains of humans.

‘They are called neural circuits.

We are all very different and have very different brains and so there is always a connection between these neural circuits and how we respond to different stimuli.

‘But there is also a deep connection between the brain and the animal world.

We all have these connections between the human brain and our animals.

There is this sense of connection between our brain and animal world, and it is because of that deep connection that we are able to make all of these things we do.

‘One of the big reasons why science is so important is that we have been able to observe this deep connection with our animal world and the complexity that is in nature.’

Science and beauty in all its forms Source: BBC News & Observer What are your favourite science topics?

‘The diversity of the animal life on the planet, and its diversity is very interesting to me, because it means we have seen something so different from humans and our understanding of ourselves, our world, our history and our place in it.

‘At the same time, there are all these beautiful things happening in nature and I really admire the beauty that nature has to offer.

But also there are many, many things that do not have that kind of beauty and that are also really important.

‘For me, what I find beautiful is the difference between the beautiful and the beautiful animals, because the beauty of animals is in the complexity.

And that is something that I find very beautiful.

‘This year there will be a great focus on the diversity in nature that we find in all of the different animals that we study, because when we study these animals we see the diversity within their brains, and we see how that diversity is related to their behaviour,

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