A new study of the major requirements for a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology at Australian universities has found that only 35 per cent of them are in the public domain.

Molecular Biology major requirements:How to pick oneAt least 50 credits, at least two of which have to be from an undergraduate degreeThe major has to have been established by a university with at least one major, and has to be recognised as a discipline at the end of the three-year course.

The University of Melbourne, which had the most requirements, required 35 credits, which included:The study, by the University of Adelaide, looked at the majors, courses, subjects and degrees in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand, to create a database that covers all the major universities.

It found that more than half of the bachelor’s degrees in molecular and molecular biology were not available in the Public Domain.

“In the last three years, there have been a number of major advances in molecular science,” lead researcher Professor Mark Clements said.

“There is more knowledge about the genetic code, which is important for understanding the development of new diseases.”

We also have the ability to manipulate and control molecules and build molecular machines that are useful for research.

“There are currently about 7,500 PhDs in molecular genetics in Australia and New England, and in Australia alone there are about 4,600 PhDs, about 20 per cent are from Australia.”

It is a very large number, so we need to get that into the public realm so that it can be accessible to students,” Professor Clements added.”

One way of doing that is to put them in the hands of students, who can then choose which courses to study.

“The second way is to get people involved, to get them to sign up to get their degree.”

The study found that the most popular option was to start with a bachelor of science, followed by a master of science and a doctorate in molecular physiology.

“If you’re looking at a master’s in molecular or molecular biology, you want to start there, because it has the highest potential for the career growth, for the growth of the research, for your personal and professional development,” Professor John O’Brien, an expert in the field of molecular biology and co-author of the study, said.

The study also found that there were about 1,300 doctoral degrees in biology in Australia.

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