A key element in Trump’s new science and climate policies has been to shift from “the science-based approach” to the “scientific and political agenda-driven approach.”

The Trump administration is now proposing to eliminate some of the EPA’s scientific advisory committees, which had the ability to issue recommendations to federal agencies on policy.

That means that EPA staffers, who had the power to advise agencies on the science of climate change, will be replaced by climate-science advocates.

And it means that the agency’s climate science advisory committees will be limited to scientists who have received funding from fossil fuel interests.

The science behind the Trump administration’s policy on climate change is complicated.

The EPA’s website lists dozens of scientists who are also active in climate change denial and denialist organizations.

Some of the scientists have ties to the fossil fuel industry, such as Dr. Roy Spencer of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a climate-denial group.

Others have no ties to fossil fuel industries, including Andrew Weaver, the director of the Sierra Club’s climate and energy program.

But the vast majority of climate scientists do not reject the idea that climate change can be man-made.

Instead, they believe that climate is natural and human activity is responsible for its development and impacts.

For example, one of the most prominent climate scientists in the world, James Hansen, was an early climate scientist for the World Meteorological Organization and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

And the American Meteorological Society published a paper in 2017, which argued that global warming is “unlikely to occur at any point in the foreseeable future,” because of human activity.

Yet the Trump transition team has repeatedly called for an end to the federal government’s role as the official climate scientist.

“This is not an easy decision, but this is the right thing to do for the American people,” said Pruitt.

He said that the decision was a “fair and necessary” one to take because it “allows for an independent assessment of the science and policy issues facing the country.”

It is unclear what the EPA will do with its remaining scientific advisory committee members.

For one, there are still a number of federal agencies that have to make final decisions on climate science.

Those agencies include the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association, which publishes the most comprehensive global climate models, and the National Academy of Sciences, which makes up the vast bulk of scientific consensus.

But Trump is also proposing to take over the National Science Foundation, which is responsible on a federal level for funding research on climate and environmental issues.

This would allow Pruitt to take the helm of the NSSF.

It is also unclear how many members of the government will have to resign to be replaced.

The Environmental Protection Agency, which has a long history of working with the fossil fuels industry, is likely to be among those that will be eliminated.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is set to become the first administrator to be removed from office by President-elect Donald Trump.

| AP Photo Pruitt will not be replaced at EPA President-Elect Donald Trump is replacing Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Department, the transition team announced Friday.

Trump is expected to nominate Pruitt to lead the EPA, replacing longtime EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, who will step down from his post as the agency has struggled to fulfill Trump’s climate change agenda.

Pruitt will be a vocal advocate for fossil fuel companies and climate denialism, according to people familiar with his transition plans.

The Trump transition is currently preparing to take a leadership position on the nation’s climate issues.

In his nomination papers, Pruitt has argued that the country faces “unprecedented risks” that must be addressed and that the “threat of climate disruption is real.”

In addition to working with fossil fuel producers and other industries, Pruitt will also oversee the EPA and its global climate program.

He will oversee the U,S.

Global Change Research Program, which seeks to collect data and provide advice to the U.,S.

and international community on how to address climate change.

In other positions, Pruitt is expected take the lead on issues such as environmental justice and combating pollution.

Pruitt has also worked to expand the number of coal-fired power plants in the U to make up for the loss of jobs.

EPA’s global climate research program has been a focal point of the transition effort, according for example to a recent blog post by the transition staff.

The blog post argued that while “the president-elect is the leader on climate, the agency is not yet the leader in climate research,” and that “global climate change research and analysis has long been central to the agency.”

Trump’s nomination of Pruitt to head the EPA is the latest example of his administration taking a hard-line stance on climate policy.

The president-election campaign has argued, for example, that climate policies are the responsibility of the states, which are already struggling with the issue.

Trump’s nominee also has ties to groups opposed to the EPA.

He was a member of the board of directors for the Koch brothers

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