Science fiction writer, author and climate activist Ray Bradbury wrote in his famous “The Martian” book about the planet’s final days, “The End of Man.”

In it, a giant asteroid slams into Earth and wipes out life on the planet.

Bradbury, who died in 2002, is remembered for his novel, a fictionalized version of the near-catastrophe that occurred during the end of the last ice age, about 11,000 years ago.

The asteroid that wiped out life in his novel killed off many species of fish, while the asteroid that struck Earth about 11 million years ago wiped out most of life on Earth.

While the impact event in Bradbury’s novel is not necessarily a real event, scientists are concerned that ocean acidifying waters are becoming more acidic as the planet warms.

This is because carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are naturally produced by the oceans.

However, some marine biologists are concerned about the effects that this will have on the organisms living in and around the oceans, and how this will affect their ability to survive.

Many scientists believe that a large portion of the carbon dioxide that we produce from burning fossil fuels and burning natural gas is stored in the ocean, and the water may become more acidic, says Andrew Rigg of the University of Queensland.

In addition, some scientists believe the acidification of the ocean is likely to have an effect on the life that lives there, and could lead to the loss of some species.

For instance, some fish species may not survive the loss, Rigg says.

These include corals, which are essential for the formation of the food chain for other organisms in the oceans and, in some cases, for the health of the oceans themselves.

Rigg also says that some of the species that are dependent on coral reefs, such as the reef fish, may also be unable to survive the changes that are occurring in the world’s oceans.

Scientists are concerned for marine life, especially coral reefs.

Some marine biologists say that the impact of ocean climate change on coral reef ecosystems could be more severe than other types of coral, such a coral bleaching event.

The coral bleaches have been recorded in the southern Gulf of California, but it has not been confirmed to be a global event.

In an article in the journal Science, Riggs and colleagues looked at data from 11 different sites in the Northern Hemisphere and found that the number of coral reef species in the Southern Hemisphere declined by about 25 percent over the past 30 years.

For example, the number at St. Lucia in the South of the United Kingdom declined by almost 50 percent from 1972 to 2015, while at Cairns, Australia, the same amount of coral died off.

The researchers also found that more than a third of all coral species in a given site died during the period covered by their data.

The researchers also analyzed a list of the top 100 coral species, and found a decrease in coral abundance in the top 10 reefs, with many of these reefs becoming more depleted as a result of warming waters.

For example, in the St. Vincent Islands in the Caribbean, there were only 15 coral species that were present in the 1960s.

This number decreased to just four species in 2015.

Riggs and his colleagues said that this trend is likely due to warming oceans and increased salinity, which they said may be linked to the warming waters over the Antarctic.

The changes in salinity also likely contributed to the decrease in the number and abundance of coral species.

According to the authors, these findings raise concerns about whether these changes are linked to CO2-induced warming and whether the changes are likely to affect coral reefs worldwide.

The authors also concluded that the changes could also have a direct effect on coral health and resilience.

“We found that, when considering the number, number density and density ratios of coral and reef ecosystems, we found that a reduction in coral reef biodiversity, particularly in the Antarctic, was related to a decrease of the abundance of the coral and to an increase of the richness of the reef ecosystem,” Riggs wrote.

“This result suggests that the decline of coral reefs globally, coupled with a warming ocean, may have an impact on the health and sustainability of coral systems globally.”More News:

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