By David F. GoyetteA definition of diversity in science is “a shared set of values, practices, and ideas.”

That’s why some academics say it’s important to include more diversity in academia.

“It’s a really big thing in academia and science because it’s a field where people are working and working and it’s not going to be an easy field to be a minority,” says Mark Schreiber, an associate professor of anthropology at University of Pennsylvania.

Schreiber is also director of the College of Arts and Sciences Diversity Studies program and a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences Diversity Advisory Council.

He says the term “diversity” is often misused to describe people who are different, but there is no scientific definition of it.

“Diversity is the set of people who share the same values, beliefs, and values,” he says.

The term has been around for decades.

In the United States, it was originally coined by the American Psychological Association in a publication that included guidelines on diversity.

In Canada, the term was first coined in 2000, but has since become a catch-all term for diverse groups of people.

In Australia, it’s also used in a study called “Diversity in the Australian Society of Social Psychology” and is also used to describe the proportion of white people in a group of people that are ethnically and culturally different from the rest of the group.

But the term has come under fire for its use in recent years, as it has been used to refer to a group that is not white, male, heterosexual or cisgender, or is a member or affiliate of a historically oppressed group.

It’s also been used in academic articles to identify students with particular backgrounds or experiences.

For example, in a paper published in 2016, researchers found that a large portion of people in Canada who identify as LGBTQ, as a group, were less likely to be included in the study than those who were not LGBTQ, a minority group.

“They’re also disproportionately represented in academic journals,” says Paul Gompertz, a sociologist at the University of New Brunswick who is not involved in the Canadian study.

“So there’s a huge potential for the term to be used to marginalize and discriminate against people because of their gender identity,” he said.

In an interview with CBC News, Gomertz says the study used an approach called “the ‘group identity bias’ that was widely known to discriminate against LGBTQ people.”

There was a group in Canada, a non-heterosexual, a white male, that was considered a low priority in terms of the study, because the data was not in their favour,” GomERTZ says.

Gomerts study found that students with a minority identity were less productive in the class than those with a majority identity.

Grompertz says that’s because the majority of studies that have examined “diverse” groups have used only heterosexual students or heterosexual-identified students.”

We know that that bias is more pronounced for people who identify with a nonheterosexual identity.

So the reason that it’s been used so broadly is that it was the easiest way to classify and categorize,” he explains.”

What I find is that we don’t want to be using this term in a narrow sense, which is really important, because this term should be understood as inclusive of everybody and we need to treat everyone equally.

“Schreber agrees.”

The term ‘diversity’ has been a huge part of the conversation about diversity in our country and the research that’s been done,” he adds.”

But it’s something that is actually quite problematic in the US.

“The study, called “The Impact of Diversity on Learning and Learning Outcomes,” was published in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science in April 2017.

It surveyed 2,100 students at four universities about their experiences with diversity in their classrooms.”

These are not isolated incidents.

They’re very common, but they also are more frequent than you might think,” Schreber says.”

Most students are very aware that they are more likely to come into the classroom and see somebody that is different.

They are more aware that that person may have been discriminated against or excluded.

“And so it seems like this kind of learning is being hindered.”

The report found that people of all backgrounds were impacted by diversity.

People of colour, students with disabilities, immigrants, and women all had lower scores in several categories of achievement than people of the same gender, race, age, education, and region.

People of colour also performed worse than their white, heterosexual peers on math, reading and science achievement tests, and were less successful in other areas of learning.

“That’s something we’re going to continue to see,” Schriber says, adding that he would like to see more studies done to find out if the effects of diversity are specific to a specific community.”One of the

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