The NFL is in a bit of a quandary with its draft process, with the NFLPA and other stakeholders still hoping to strike a deal to fix the draft rules that were changed to eliminate the third round in the first place.

While the draft is now set to go back to a third round, the NFL has yet to officially announce the winners or losers of those bids, and the league still hasn’t officially announced who will take the place of the players who have been cut from the roster.

So while it may be possible that one of the four bids will be the winner, we still don’t know who will be making the leap to a new era.

It may be time to rethink the way the draft works.

There is a new breed of draft prospect who may not be in the best place to compete for a roster spot.

For example, the following players were all signed as free agents prior to the 2016 season, but their stock has risen dramatically in the past year:The NFLPA’s Rob Rang of the Pro Football Writers Association said the four finalists could be the following:• Andrew Billingsley, defensive end, Minnesota Vikings• Austin Hooper, safety, Miami Dolphins• Anthony Cioffi, running back, Detroit Lions• Corey Robinson, linebacker, New Orleans Saints• James Casey, offensive lineman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers• Anthony Barr, linebacker (Signed in 2015), New York Jets• Jarius Wynn, offensive tackle, Indianapolis ColtsThe list of the teams that have expressed interest in taking one of these players, however, has yet the list of teams that are willing to commit to drafting a wide variety of players.

If you’re the owner of a team that is interested in taking Billingsleys and Hoopers, you’re probably more than welcome to send them an email to get in on the conversation.

It would be nice if the players were willing to accept the draft as well.

If there’s one thing that is clear, though, it’s that the best player available in the draft has never really existed in the modern era.

While some teams are interested in trading down from a certain position, the current roster doesn’t have many options.

If there’s any player on the roster who can step into a starting role, it will probably come from a defensive tackle, outside linebacker or safety.

The biggest thing that separates the top four is that the top three picks, at least in the case of the Vikings, have never been offensive tackles.

That is a big reason why Billingskins and Hooper are in contention to be the first two picks in the 2018 draft, which is the second time the Vikings have drafted a lineman in the top two rounds in consecutive years.

The top three offensive linemen who have taken a snap at the position since 2014, however — Joe Thomas, John Abraham and Justin Pugh — have all been signed by the Vikings.

Thomas was the first player to take a snap in the NFL in 2014, and he is still playing with the team this season.

Abraham was the fifth offensive tackle to take the snap in 2014.

Pugh, who is still on the team, is also on the active roster this season, and Thomas is still the starter.

That being said, these players don’t necessarily have a ceiling to their careers, and they don’t have the upside to compete in the league.

It’s likely that the most likely two players to emerge from this group are Thomas and Abraham.

Both of those players will likely play at least one year of college football, and neither one will be able to become a starter, unless they make the transition to a starting position and have to make a decision between playing guard or tackle.

Thomas, Abraham and Pugh all have shown flashes of potential in the passing game, but the most interesting player on this list is not the one who took the snap on the snap count.

That would be offensive tackle Corey Robinson.

Robinson has a lot to prove as a player, especially with the way he played at the Senior Bowl, and his performance against Alabama may have been his biggest showing yet in an NFL locker room.

Robinson didn’t take a single snap at tackle, and only one snap on his own side of the line.

He wasn’t a force on the line, and didn’t make many plays either.

It was a bit disappointing to see him fall to the second round.

The team that signed him is currently ranked third in the AFC North.

Robison has some room to improve, and that could be his biggest advantage in the coming years.

In order for him to succeed as a Pro Bowl-caliber offensive lineman at the next level, he will have to prove he can be a better blocker, and better pass protector, than the guy he replaces.

The Vikings have been known to look at free agents who can fill the gap between offensive tackles and pass rushers, and Robinson fits that mold.

There are also some big-name players that could make an impact

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