The human genepool is a highly complex mixture of genetic material from a wide range of different species and populations.

But when a virus hits, it can cause significant changes to the DNA and genetic material within the population.

That’s the main reason why the human population can’t really be considered homogenous.

For instance, many of the viruses that cause polio and the pandemic flu have mutated genes from other animals.

As a result, these animals have mutated the genomes of their relatives, too.

And because of that, they’ve had to evolve new ways of living, which in turn has had an effect on the genetic makeup of their descendants.

But the DNA in the human genome is not a uniform mixture of the same genes.

Some people have much more genetic variation, and some people have less genetic variation.

Some of these differences between individuals are actually caused by changes in their genes and that’s what is known as genetic drift.

And the more genetic drift there is, the more likely it is that something that would normally have been inherited by one person will be inherited by someone else.

Genetic drift happens because we all have different copies of our genes, and when one of our genetic copies changes, it changes the other copy as well.

It also affects how we’re able to control different aspects of our bodies.

For example, if one of your genes has a certain activity that increases in response to a certain stimulus, that activity can also change how your body responds to other things.

The human genome contains about 7.4 billion genetic differences among humans.

That means there are 7.5 billion differences between humans.

For most people, the differences between their parents and their children are small.

And when people inherit one or more of their genes from their parents, they have a greater chance of passing one or two of them to their children.

For some people, however, their DNA can have the greatest effect on their children’s DNA, and these people can also pass one or several of their DNA from their grandparents to their grandchildren.

The most common form of genetic drift occurs when a gene is passed from one parent to another parent through a common ancestor.

When a common ancestry is passed, each of the parents carries a small amount of that common ancestry in their DNA.

When you inherit a gene from your mother, you inherit the genes that are inherited from your grandmother.

When the mother passes a gene to her son, she carries a gene that is inherited from her son.

When she passes a common lineage, she inherits the genes from both parents.

In the case of common ancestry, however.

some of the genes are inherited by the son and some of them are inherited as a recessive trait, meaning that the two parents can pass genes to their offspring.

This means that you inherit your genes from your father, but you can’t inherit them from your mom.

This is because you inherited them from both your father and your mother.

This situation is called a recessively inherited trait, and it happens to people who have at least one of the two most common genetic disorders, cystic fibrosis and Down syndrome.

These disorders cause people with one of these disorders to have a low number of red blood cells, which is the red blood cell part of the red-blood-cell system.

The gene that causes cystic Fibrosis causes about one-third of the people with the disorder to have an extra copy of the cystic-fibrosis gene.

The cystic syndrome, on the other hand, causes about half of the individuals with the condition to have three copies of the gene that controls the body’s immune system.

These two disorders, which are called CF and CFTR, are caused by a single mutation in the CFTR gene.

Most of the mutations in the cystatin gene cause a small increase in the number of cystic cells in the red cells of the body.

This increase in red cells, however can lead to a condition called hypercoagulability.

This condition causes people to become highly susceptible to infection, and this is what causes many people to have cystic illnesses.

The two most commonly inherited genes in the genome are the CRISPR-Cas9 and TALEN2 genes.

These genes make proteins that make proteins for specific parts of the genome, which means they can be used to alter specific regions of the DNA sequence.

For this reason, when one person inherits a gene mutation from one of their parents that causes a change to the gene, it’s very likely that they will have a mutation that also causes a condition that causes them to have the condition as well, and so on.

This process is called gene drift, and in the case a mutation affects a part of a gene sequence that affects the way the cell makes proteins, this is known to cause the mutation to spread throughout the genome.

Because of this, the human genetic code contains about 6,000 different variations between people.

When one of

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