Posted August 06, 2019 06:05:07The sun is a brilliant light in the sky.

It has billions of miles of electric current flowing through it.

That electric current is generated by the water molecules inside the sun and acts as a catalyst.

Scientists have been studying the effects of this energy for more than a century, using a variety of techniques to study the structure of molecules in the sun’s atmosphere.

This research has shown that the water inside the solar corona emits a lot of energy, creating a magnetic field that traps the sun, which is why the sun never sets on Earth.

But scientists have been unable to see exactly what is happening in the corona.

Until now.

This summer, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University announced a major breakthrough.

Their findings show that the magnetic field in the solar environment is so strong that it is creating an electric field that acts as an electric current in the atmosphere, and it’s this field that allows the water to trap the sun.

The MIT and Harvard researchers say their discovery, which was published online in Science Advances, offers the first direct evidence that the sun is actually creating a field in a magnetic environment.

“It’s amazing that we can get this information, because the field in this corona is so high, but it’s also really exciting to know that we’ve been able to get this very specific information,” said Dr. Anil Agrawal, an MIT postdoctoral researcher who is the senior author of the study.

The team’s study, called “Magnetic-field-induced charge trapping in the Earth’s atmosphere,” was published in the journal Nature.

The research team first set out to measure the magnetic fields in the earth’s atmosphere, using the National Instruments (NIO) magnetometer onboard the European Space Agency’s Energetic Ionosphere and Ionosphere Experiment (EIAI), which was used to measure solar activity.

The team then calculated how much charge was trapped in the magnetic atmosphere.

The EIAI has been used to map the sun for the past two decades, but the scientists also used an instrument called a “dumbbell” that can measure charged particles like electrons and protons in the air.

“What we found was that the magnetometer detected a very high concentration of charged particles in the EIAAI data,” Agrawa said.

“The EIAEI data shows a very strong magnetic field at the top of the atmosphere.

That means we have to be really careful with the instruments that we use to measure this field.”

The scientists were able to confirm the finding by measuring the electric field generated by molecules inside solar coronal holes.

Their analysis revealed that the charge was much higher in the electric current created by the magnetic environment, so the researchers conclude that the field is acting as an electrical field.

The magnetic field is an electric charge, so it has an electric force on the molecules, and the magnetic current creates the magnetic force, which acts like a magnetic levitation.

“We can’t directly measure the charge, but we can measure the electric fields generated by these molecules,” Agawal said.

Scientists say the field could have a profound effect on the formation of the solar atmosphere.

If the magnetic activity was enough to trap solar wind particles, that would create a new magnetic field to create an electric magnetic field.

That could lead to a huge increase in the amount of energy trapped in solar coronas.

If the magnetic magnetic field were too strong, the researchers say that the electric energy produced by solar wind could be absorbed by the surrounding molecules and be used to create new solar wind.

This would change the chemistry of the coronal hole, changing the amount and the direction of the charge that the molecules were able, for the most part, to absorb.

“There’s a lot that can go wrong in this system, and we know from the EAAI data that we don’t know how that could happen,” Agewal said, “so we are just going to have to hope that this field can keep the sun from coming up.”

The team says that their results are still preliminary, and that more data will be needed to validate their findings.

The study is available at:

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