A new fitness regimen may soon be popping up in Japan, as the kingdom of Japan is set to embark on a global fitness push.

As part of the government’s new Healthy Japan initiative, which is scheduled to launch in 2020, Japan will be setting up a national fitness program for both adults and children, according to The Japan Times.

The program will include programs geared towards children, including swimming and diving, and a gymnasium-like facility with a track and field field-like environment.

In addition to this, Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare will be taking on a major role in the new initiative, with the ministry helping coordinate the program’s activities and providing training and certification for its staff.

This is a huge change for the country.

It’s already the second most popular country for Japanese children to go to school, with more than half of children aged five and under going to the Japanese public school system.

And it’s a significant leap forward for the health and wellness of Japan.

Now that Japan is on the path to a healthier nation, it’s imperative to focus on its children, experts say.

The new program will be overseen by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the two organizations tasked with implementing the initiative.

In short, the program will involve a mix of government-led, corporate-led initiatives.

And the healthiest place for Japanese kids to begin is the public school, which provides education for children of all ages and is known for providing a good education, with an emphasis on science and technology.

This isn’t the first time Japan has embraced the concept of health.

The country has been pushing for more healthy eating, and has even instituted a national diet plan, which seeks to improve the nutritional profile of its population.

In 2016, Japan was ranked as the fifth-healthiest country in the world.

However, it will be important to continue promoting healthy living habits in Japan.

The government is aiming to have its citizens reach the Healthy Japan goal in 2020.

The goal is to have at least one healthy meal a day, and to reach the goal by 2020.

If the goal is met, Japan would also be the first country in history to reach universal access to the health care system, according the government.

According to The New York Times, this is the first year Japan has officially set an goal to be 100 percent health-conscious.

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