What a great name.

But how to make sure your kids know you care?

Read moreAdvocates of adopting a child with Down syndrome have been calling for more research on the topic. 

“It’s a big topic in medicine.

And we need more data,” said Dr. David Cramer, president of the National Down Syndrome Association. 

So far, the only studies have been in very limited populations.” “

I think it’s important to have this research done and to be able to really answer some of the questions.

So far, the only studies have been in very limited populations.” 

Cramer, who is an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico and the author of the upcoming book  Down Syndrome: A History of the Family , said that while the majority of research has been done in the U.S., he thinks it is possible to expand research to other countries. 

But many people aren’t aware of the existence of research on Down syndrome in other countries, he said. 

Candy Harwood, a parent and activist with the National Association of Parental Assistance Workers (NAPAW), said she believes there is research to be done on the condition in other parts of the world.

“I think people need to have that information because the more you understand about this, the more empathy you can have with your child and their parent, she said.”

If you want to get your child to be successful, if you want your child, you want them to have the best possible life possible, then you have to understand this is a condition that affects all of us.

It’s not something that you’re born with,” Harwood said.

The National Down syndrome Association has called on lawmakers to consider legislation that would prohibit discrimination based on Down Syndrome in the workplace. 

In addition to the work done by Cramer and Harwood to push for research, the advocacy group is currently seeking more funding for the National Center for Down Syndrome and Developmental Disabilities to study Down syndrome. 

The group also recently launched a website to help parents with information about Down syndrome and the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).”

I really want to see research done so that families can be better educated about what’s happening with Down Syndrome, and the conditions that go along with it,” Cahn said.

Cramer said he and Harberg are also working on creating a program to help educate people about how to deal with Downs and the disabilities they bring to the table.

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