The word ‘brain’, in its English meaning ‘organism’, is used to describe the brain.

But in the language of biology, it means the entire body of cells that make up our bodies.

It was invented by the English chemist John W. Watson in 1884 and he called it a ‘cell’.

It was only in the 1970s that scientists began to think of the cell as a separate entity, which is why ‘braincells’ are sometimes used instead of the word ‘cellular’.

What’s the difference between a brain and a brain cell?

Read more Read moreBrain cells contain a complex network of proteins and chemical signals that enable our bodies to perform many tasks.

They are found in every cell of our body, including the spinal cord, the brain stem and the immune system.

This network is called the nervous system, and it’s the source of our thoughts, feelings and memories.

A brain cell can make a protein called synapse that moves from one neuron to another.

This is how we make sense of the world around us.

A neuron has a small number of neurons and is called a synapse.

But a brain can have millions of them, called synapses.

Synapses make connections between neurons.

Each neuron has millions of synapses, which can be made by a process called axon-to-neuron (A/N) synapse transfer.

This transfer of A/N synapses allows the neuron to make connections with other neurons, which then send information back to the neuron.

When a neuron sends a chemical signal to another neuron, it sends out electrical signals that can be picked up by the surrounding neurons.

These signals can then be translated into electrical signals, which lead to the activity of the neuron’s synapses and, eventually, the activity in other neurons.

The body uses synapses to communicate with other cells.

When the body is in pain, for example, its muscles and brain cells send signals that cause the body to contract.

The muscles then release a chemical that causes the muscles to contract even more, which helps to get the pain under control.

When we are anxious or distressed, our body sends a signal to these muscles and our brain cells that causes them to contract and the pain to lessen.

What’s going on inside our brains?

How does our brain work?

To understand how a brain works, scientists must understand how the body works.

Our bodies work in a very simple way, as a group of cells called mitochondria.

These are the energy-producing units of the body.

The mitochondria are located inside the cells, inside the blood vessels.

In the mitochondria, energy is converted into chemical energy called ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is then used by the body for the energy needed for our bodies functions.

ATP is used for everything from breathing to keeping us alive.

This energy is stored in a small amount of fat called fatty acid (fat) inside our bodies mitochondria called adipose tissue.

The process of making energy requires a lot of energy and it is stored as a chemical called ketone bodies (or ketone esters).

The amount of energy stored in the mitochondrion can be converted into ATP by a complex process called catabolism, which involves the breakdown of glucose into fatty acids.

This conversion is then converted into the chemical energy needed by the cell for its own functions.

The energy stored within a mitochondria can be used by a cell to make chemical energy.

This process can then pass on that chemical energy to other cells, for instance, to make energy for cells to use.

When someone is in a coma or on a ventilator, the body does not have any energy left to make ATP, so it requires a little help from the mitochondrials to make that chemical that is needed for its function.

It is in this way that cells make proteins.

These proteins are made up of chemicals called adenosine and tryptophan.

The adenosines are converted into amino acids, which are then used for energy production.

These amino acids can then go to work in other cells in the body, which convert them into energy for the cells that need them.

As a consequence, the production of energy is much faster than when we are asleep.

When you are asleep, the amount of glucose in the bloodstream can be a little higher than when you are awake.

This helps to make more energy available for the cell that needs it, which in turn makes it more efficient at making that chemical used for its cell’s energy.

The more energy that is available to a cell, the more it can produce.

This means that when a cell is in trouble, it needs more energy to make it do its job.

The cells that produce energy need oxygen.

Oxygen is a gas that is made by cells.

In oxygen, carbon atoms are replaced by hydrogen atoms, which make up the oxygen molecule.

The oxygen atom in oxygen is the same as the oxygen

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