Definition: Biodiversity is defined as “the diverse diversity of life on Earth, from the tiny creatures that live in your kitchen to the species that thrive in our cities.”

In the past decade, the world has witnessed the loss of more than 300 species, including birds, mammals, plants and fungi.

And while the world’s biodiversity is impressive, it is only a snapshot of the vast amount of diversity that exists.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, there are now more than 2.3 billion animals on Earth.

There are approximately 2.5 billion humans, or nearly one-third of the world population.

“We have a huge amount of work to do in terms of protecting and conserving species, and we’re going to have to work together with all of the stakeholders in our society,” said David Steffens, senior vice president of global conservation at WWF.

“And that includes all of you.”

Steffins said the best way to protect biodiversity is to make sure all species have an equal opportunity to thrive.

He added that protecting wildlife is also critical to reducing the impact of climate change.

“If we can keep species in check, we can have more biodiversity in the future,” Steffons said.

“So I think it’s going to be a really hard balance for the United States, and the world.”

Conservationists say more species should be protected if they’re healthy.

They also point out that if a species is not healthy or endangered, it will likely disappear from the planet.

For instance, the extinction of the black bear has been blamed on habitat loss and pollution.

According the WWF, the black-tailed eagle, the largest of the North American eagle species, is considered critically endangered.

The species is also at risk because it was first hunted for its feathers and meat in the 1800s.

Conservationists are concerned that the black bears population is increasing.

Some scientists think the decline is related to habitat loss, but others say the decline in the population could be a result of overfishing and hunting.

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