With his Ph.

D. in computational biology at the University of Maryland, Dr. Michael P. Toner has spent most of his career studying the evolution of the human genome.

But he has also spent time studying how genes work, and how they influence the way the body works.

Toni, a bioinformatician at the National Institutes of Health, is an adjunct professor of computer science at Columbia University and an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

He also holds a masters in computational genetics at the School of Biomedical Sciences.

Toni, who received his doctorate from Johns Hopkins, is also a member of the Computational Genomics Consortium.

His research focuses on the role of DNA sequences in protein regulation and the genetic machinery that controls them.

He is also interested in the ways in which the body regulates its own metabolism, and the molecular mechanisms involved in the process.

In his lab, he uses advanced computational techniques to analyze the genomes of plants and animals.

His research focuses largely on studying how DNA sequences are organized into protein structures, and whether the sequences are important to how organisms work.

But his focus is also on how genes operate.

For example, how do they form in cells, or how do genes regulate cell function?

What are the consequences of having a single copy of a gene in the nucleus, or in a cell?

Toni’s work has been applied to human health.

His interest in understanding how genes function led him to look at how DNA sequence and gene activity are regulated.

To that end, he has been working with colleagues to develop a way to understand how genes are regulated in a lab.

The most common mechanism of regulation is the nuclear binding of the gene.

That is, if a gene has one copy, the DNA sequence can be bound by the other, and that binding can be used to determine how much of the protein is actually made.

This binding causes the protein to be made.

In animals, this binding occurs primarily in the mitochondria, where the cell produces energy.

Toner’s lab has developed a new technique to use the binding of DNA to study how DNA changes in response to DNA modifications.

His group found that changes in the DNA sequences of certain genes, such as those involved in cell proliferation, were the most important factors influencing the response to changes in DNA sequence.

Toners lab has shown that the effects of DNA changes are not limited to the nuclear setting.

They also show that changes to the sequence of a given gene can also have effects on other genes.

This is important because changes to a single gene are not necessarily limited to altering one set of instructions.

For instance, changes in a gene could also affect other genes in the same gene.

Tooners research has shown, for example, that altering the expression of one gene can have a dramatic effect on another gene.

This shows how a single mutation can affect the ability of a whole gene to work, which in turn affects how that gene works.

Tonelli and his lab are now trying to identify the specific changes that alter the activity of a particular gene, and then understand how they are related to how other genes work.

For this, he is looking for the changes that are associated with the specific DNA sequence, and trying to understand the ways that those changes affect the function of the whole gene.

The work Toni is conducting in his lab is also looking at how gene activity is related to the function and function of other genes, which is one of the main ways scientists understand how to target genes.

He says that he is also focusing on understanding how changes in gene activity can be linked to other changes in protein activity.

Tono is also working with scientists at the Department of Genetics at the California Institute of Technology to understand more about how genes affect different biological functions.

Tontons lab is focusing on how changes to DNA sequences affect the expression and activity of genes in particular organisms, such the bacterium Clostridium difficile, a pathogen that causes the common cold.

It is also studying how changes associated with DNA changes affect gene expression in different organisms.

Tons research is focused on understanding the role that DNA sequences play in regulating gene activity.

For many years, scientists thought that a single nucleotide change in a sequence caused a specific gene to become active.

But Toni has shown recently that this is not true.

He has found that it is possible to modify a gene sequence to make a gene more active.

He does this by changing how much DNA is being incorporated into the DNA, and by altering the protein structure of the DNA.

Tontons team is also focused on investigating the effects that DNA changes have on the function, function-activity relationship, and function-function relationship.

Tones lab is interested in how gene changes affect protein activity, and has shown how changes that affect the DNA binding of a single protein can

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